Live and Solo at the Bowlo

In response to their venue closing I am working with Backbone to curate and organise Live and Solo at the Bowlo – a series of streamed music events.  We feel it is important to continue community events and create opportunities an engagement between artists.  We are excited to widen our community and organising international DIY gigs with line ups that may not have been possible before due to barriers of accessibility, geography, cost and experience.

Our next Live and Solo features Lone Taxidermist(UK), Louise Terra (Aus), Dea Karina (Ind), Chivalry(Aus).  More information here

So far we have featured Scraps, Lesbian Merzbow, Lydia Musonic, Sunburn, Marlo Eggplant, Graham Dunning, Justice Yeldham and Fish Slappa.

Here are my slides from the presentation about Live and Solo at the Bowlo as part of their Think inside the Square series of webinars.  You can view the webinar via this link.