I’m in London for a month to work with Natalie Sharp as part of BodyVice building skinstruments and performing.  We are playing Pohoda Festival, Supersonic Festival and Supernormal Festival.

I have built two spinal instruments for us to play and we have much more under construction.

Here are some images from Supersonic

Grim Beeper Workshop @ the Guesthouse

Grim Beeper Workshop @ the Guesthouse

Saturday 26th January
To book your place email
Max 10 per class

In this workshop you can build a Grim Beeper, learn to solder and learn about different electronics components. No previous experience with electronics is required.

The Grim Beeper is made of two parts. An EMF detector which lights an LED when Electromagnetic frequencies are detected. This light controls the sound of a square wave oscillator.

It is believed by some people that a ghostly presence can be associated with a fluctuation in temperature and electromagnetic energy. This has not been proven however an EMF detector is a common tool used by ghost hunters.

8 spaces available

The Guesthouse Residency

People around a table working with electronics components on prototype boardsI am the artist in residence at the Guesthouse in Cork, Ireland for the month of January.  While I am here I’m focussing on researching and building of new instruments to use with BodyVice.  A project I’m collaborating on with Natalie Sharp and Tida Bradshaw.  During my first week I performed at Zolala – a regular event organised by Kat McDowall. Last weekend I ran an Intro to Electronics workshop here at the Guesthouse which was loads of noisy fun. I’ll be running a Grim Beeper workshop this coming weekend.  Mick and Irene who run the Guesthouse are amazing artists who among their other projects perform/cook/banquet as the Domestic Godless.



DIY Instrument Building and Hacking workshop

two women, one holding a trumpet with electronics attached
Myself and Agabi who made a great trumpet mounted oscillator inspired by the trumpet sounds.

I’ve had a super weekend in Athens working as a mentor for the DIY Instrument making and hacking workshop alongside Tina Dolinšek, John Richards, Max Wainwright, Enrico Bertelli and Alexandros Drymonitis at Onassis Stegi as part of the Interfaces Network.   With over 30 participants, each mentor gave a short workshop introducing their work and techniques and teaching some electronics or arduino.  The participants (and mentors!) worked for long days learning and building which culminated in a concert where they performed on the instruments they had built over the weekend.





Dub Siren

I thought I’d revisit the dubsiren, which was one of the first instruments I sold at Elevator Sounds in Bristol.  I tweaked the old schematic I was using and this is what I have decided on – it’s just a simple dub siren with a square or triangle wave output; pushbutton or continuous control and the choice of one or two pitches to control.   Below is a video from the breadboard